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Asset management experience purchasing mountain resorts
Asset management experience purchasing mountain resorts

Resort Asset & Project Capital Sourcing

ResortLogic LLC has created collaborative alliances with capital funding sources capable of establishing loan and lease relationships within the Mountain Resort Industry

  • As part of its Transactional Consulting Services, ResortLogic will provide guidance, vetting, scoping, financial advisement, and underwriting needs to these lenders. 

  • These independent, non-traditional sources have capacity to fund qualified projects as small as $250 thousand and up to $500 million via lease, loan or project finance. 

  • Targeted assets in the resort sector include: ski lift projects, rolling stock (grooming & heavy equipment), snowmaking infrastructure, major hospitality and skier services facility projects. 


  • Certain sources can also provide funding for renovation, resort expansion, FF&E replacement and ancillary recreational amenities. 

  • These relationships intend to bring an efficient, experienced solution to the financing needs of decision makers in the Mountain Resort Industry.

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