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Transactional Consulting | Asset Management


Hands-on management of Due Diligence, Acquisition Underwriting, Buy/Sell-side Guidance and Asset Management of North American mountain resorts


  • Customize and guide due diligence process and analytics of new acquisitions by identifying undisclosed risks, deal issues, and providing insight on possible transaction synergies.

  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of internal processes, infrastructure, systems and financial reporting as well as identifying areas of future capital requirements, all essential to maximize value.


  • Formulate buy-side strategies for mountain resorts, resort-related facilities and resort developable real estate.


  • Develop standards, Confidential Information Memoranda and modeling for acquisition/disposition events.


  • Understand the value proposition with rigorous examination in due diligence process to uncover apparent and hidden accretive elements.


  • Organize and lead project teams comprised of employees and subcontractors, overseeing due diligence research and production of deliverables in an effective and timely manner.


  • Utilize industry insider knowledge to determine investment opportunities and assess physical, financial and operational risk around potential acquisitions.


  • Discretely uncover red flags that may preclude the need to further pursue an acquisition.


  • Intercede in a transitioning, expanding or distressed asset lifecycle phase, to advise and manage process to completion, successfully and cost-effectively.


  • Oversee and guide ownership-level duties related to mountain resort assets; physical upgrade and improvement, permitting and property rights matters, operational reporting, capital deployment, regulatory compliance.

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