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Tom Lithgow

As a Business Executive with a record of achievement in industry leadership roles, I’ve spent my career advising and guiding strategic decisions on all aspects across the destination resort and leisure service sector.  I’ve taken a hands-on approach to building, growing, sustaining or revitalizing the business under my guidance as well as those on which I’ve consulted.

My clients and colleagues will tell you that I am expertly effective in determining and managing asset and portfolio-wide strategies and disciplines, including valuation, due diligence, underwriting, acquisition and disposition.


With more than 40 years of resort industry experience I bring my clients a concrete aptitude for creative problem solving, objective guidance, and strategic precision; multi-faceted expertise encompassing...  


  • Wide-ranging and deep expertise including the economics and systems of capital planning and implementation, valuation, resort economic management, due diligence, underwriting, acquisition, succession planning and disposition matters


  • Broad cross-functional experience and perspective forming exceptional analytical, quantitative and critical advice, and execution excellence 


  • Decades as the leading valuation expert in North America, working directly for stakeholders, investment committees and institutions alike, completing 200 mountain and ski resort appraisals, valuations and feasibility studies of North American mountain resorts and related leisure properties with a cumulative collateral value in excess of $3 Billion


  • Dependable opinion and analytics around the economics of resort modernization, upgrade and expansion, and land-use strategies


  • Hands-on involvement in building the CNL Lifestyle REIT portfolio consisting of 18 mountain resorts, 7 resort retail villages and 3 senior debt facilities involving ski, hotel, spa, golf, and other amenities predominantly in New England, Colorado, Utah, Washington, California and Canada


  • Responsible capital improvement investment guidance across all resort dimensions and components, as example; a spa & conference center, multiple base lodge facilities, a scenic byway overlook, numerous ski lifts, ski trails, extensive snowmaking infrastructure expansions and the development summer amenities


  • Vetting the capital impact of projects solving mountain choke-points, inefficiency and imbalances, quantifying the accretive value contribution to the resort enterprise and enhancement of competitive positioning


  • Collaboration with internal and external partners to facilitate decision-making and goal-specific resort growth strategies while mindfully managing and mitigating risk

  • Development and implementation of models and standards to benchmark and analyze resort performance, in support of C-level decision-makers, Boards, and financiers


  • Recognition by resort owners and industry leaders for forming and cultivating long-term relationships with C-level executives, vendors, consultants, property managers and staff


  • A whole-life commitment to outdoor recreation and fitness, in any form, any climate, any location! GET OUTDOORS & GET MOVING!!

  • Chairman, NSAA Economic Analysis Committee

  • Certified General Appraiser, New Hampshire License: #NHCG-83

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